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27 July 2006 @ 11:20 am
( I really need to get a new icon of myself. )

Back in business. We have a show. 

Friday August 18, 2006
Acoustic Java @ 8:00pm

Mark your calendars. - S.T.
29 April 2006 @ 01:56 pm
Traphiq live at Griffin Books and Beans
Tonight at 8:00pm [no cover charge]

440 Main Street, Sturbridge MA
Route 20 West

Be there. - S.T.
24 March 2006 @ 12:50 pm
-The Java Hut presents-
Pharmaceutically Gifted
The Foundation

Doors at 8:00PM
Admission is $3
*First 20 people to arrive receive a FREE POSTER*

08 March 2006 @ 03:25 pm
Hey guys, what's up? Nice weather we're having, I must say. This community has yet another new look, thanks to Kelly :) I think it looks great, hope it's easy to read on yer end.

The big show is only 15 days away (not counting today, or the day of). The suspense is killing me. The excitement is in the air. Last night The Foundation played at the open mic, and it really got me goin'. I can't wait. It shall be a show to remember...

02 March 2006 @ 11:03 am
Things are looking up for the band, and it's exciting. Saturday evening I'll be holding a rehearsal in my basement with The Sancho and the new drummer Alley, it's gonna be fun. I haven't really had a traditional practice in a while, so it feels good that we're taking one more step towards serious.

The posters for the March 24th show are fucking awesome. I gotta take some pride in that artwork, everyone loves it. I'm especially glad that the boys of P.G. appreciate it. The town will be painted with them very soon. The 24th show is gonna be a blast, I'm so excited, you'll definitely get your money's worth...that I promise you...and oh yeah...it's Brian's last show with us...if I haven't mentioned that already...

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14 February 2006 @ 01:25 am
so you may notice some changes. I designed a new layout for this place, it was getting a little old and outdated. It's fairly simple and a little less crazy colors. I hope everyone likes it but if not, politely say nay and I shall replace the old one in a jiffy! I've started adding posts to memories and adding tags to entries to organize it a bit better. Feel free to say anything you want done around here and I'll be at your every whim :) my greatest apologies for neglecting it for so long. I hope to be more active soon! and as always looking foward to new music from our favorite band ;)
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02 February 2006 @ 10:34 pm
Saturday February 11
Continental Cafe

5A Spruce Street
Acton, MA 01720

This place is really awesome. It'll be good times. Rock.
14 January 2006 @ 02:44 pm
Our first unplugged show! Tonight at Griffin Books & Beans in Sturbridge MA (440 Main Street / Route 20). Starts at 8:00pm. Copies of "Gathering Room" will be available!